Mobilising Our Workforce

VPS Academy is a pilot sponsored by VPSCIIN and co-led by Peer Academy. The purpose of the pilot is to validate a model for a peer learning platform, one which empowers staff and grows a whole of Government approach through the sharing of skills, resources and ideas.

In 2016, VPS Academy created demonstrable value in 4 key areas:

800% time saving 
Increasing outputs through reduced duplication
1 – 2 days saving in outreach time 
Accessing the right people and knowledge faster
82% greater growth 
Increasing opportunities for development and growth
$159 in savings 
Providing relevant and quality training at a lower cost

How it Works?

By participating in the VPS Academy, facilitators have the opportunity to undergo training with Peer Academy to design and deliver a practical peer learning session in a skill area of your choice.

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What’s Next?

After 2 successful pilots, VPSCIIN and Peer Academy are set to deliver the third iteration of VPS Academy.

As a all of Government initiative, we’re now seeking facilitators to lead the growth of the Academy. Staff from any department of Government are encouraged to get involved. 

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What’s on Offer?

Empower yourself by facilitating a peer learning interaction. Don’t know how to get started, don’t worry our online Resources Hub is full of best practice tips on how to deliver a memorable and useful learning experience with your peers.