“The best way forward is through partnerships and  collaborations where we share our expertise. VPSCIIN provides a wonderful opportunity for staff to  support each other in their learning and their work.”

Debra Holder


Join a community of like-minded practitioners

With an emphasis on collaboration and innovation this network runs a calendar of free events, workshops and seminars during the year that focus on skill building and whole of Victorian Government areas of interest.

VPS Academy

The VPS Academy champions peer to peer learning across whole of Government. It is a marketplace of internal experts wanting to share and learn skills whilst building networks and capability across Government.


VPSCIIN brings the brightest internal and external innovators to the stage to share insights, skills and knowledge on topics such as leadership, change and innovation.


VPSCIIN runs several programs for practitioners that give opportunities to learn, listen to real-life case studies, be practical and take away simple tools and methods to apply and share.


Join a growing community across Government of like-minded practitioners who are passionate about sharing skills and best practices.